The State of National Autocross News

The State of NAXN

Today marks the first anniversary of National Autocross News (NAXN).  We started in response to what was, in my opinion, a weak period of coverage of our sport by SoloMatters and the SCCA.  In the past year, we have begun to discover our place in the sport and I believe motivated the SCCA to reevaluate their social media with respect to autocross.  SoloMatters is better than it was a year ago and so are we.  The addition of viewpoints outside of the scope of SCCA and other organizations has had benefits for autocross competitors across the country.

Since our inception NAXN has followed the mission we defined from the start, and you the audience seems to enjoy it.  We exceeded 2000 likes on our Facebook Page just a few days ago, thanks to you.  Personally, this last year has been incredibly fulfilling.  Taking on the role of trying to expand our coverage, I’ve had to pay more attention to additional regions, additional classes, and other sources of autocross media (I’m almost ashamed to say I had never listened to Kinch Reindl’s Autocross Talk Podcast).  I take considerable pride in our sport and have enjoyed discovering like-minded individuals who drink the same Kool-Aid as I do.

Special thanks to David Hedderick (who had the idea to start an new autocross website), Crissy Weaver, Jan Rowe, Eric Yee and Hilary Frank who were sounding boards and contributors in the very early stages of NAXN.  As well as Chuck Mathews, who has continued to help us innovate with video interviews and other additions to our coverage.

To top it all off, we have had excellent volunteers to help cover events across the country (We are always looking for more).

And lastly a thank you to Heyward Wagner who has assisted over the past year as we sought to add coverage to SCCA events while avoiding stepping on toes along the way.

A few highlights of the year that I am proud of:

2017 Solo Nationals Preview

It took close to 20 contributors to put together our Nationals Preview last year but the amount of time and effort put in to highlight all the classes was extraordinary and the result was everything NAXN could have asked for.  Look for the 2018 version in mid August or maybe volunteer to contribute yourself.

NAXN Event Page

The NAXN event page is one of the only places to find all of the National Level autocross events on one page.  SCCA Champ Tours, Match Tours, ProSolos, and DriveAutoX events are combined into one easy to view/search site.

In Memoriam

In 2017, I wanted to find a way to honor a fellow competitor, Darren Kidd, after he lost a battle with cancer.  We have a great tradition in autocross of making decals for those we’ve lost.  The In Memoriam page is NAXN’s way of doing a similar thing in a digital world.


Highlighting the many great photographers out there who choose to feature our sport has been a wonderful honor.  They range from professional to semi-professional to amateur, but capturing the beauty of autocross in a frame is difficult and should be supported in all the ways we know how.

What does the future hold for NAXN?

Originally I hoped for fresh content not only recapping events but also covering things outside of competition (how-tos,  history of autocross, humor, product reviews etc.).  While we have dipped our toe into some of these topics, hopefully the future will lead to many more contributions from our community that we can share with everyone.

We plan to fill out the Resources section of  Hopefully we can become the first place someone looks to find local clubs and their Facebook groups/pages.  We also will be expanding our NAXNpedia, which is in its infancy (starting with only a few site descriptions) but will eventually hold all things autocross.

Along the way, we will continue to explore different methods to distribute our content, including live and recorded video.

Thanks to everyone for their support in year one.

Thomas Thompson