What does a contributor do?

So, you want to be a contributor for National Autocross News.  We need volunteers just like you to help cover the multitude of national level autocross events around the country.  Your commitment can be as large or as small as you want it to be.

EASY: We set you as an editor of our Facebook page, you take some photos during the event and post with a small caption of what is going on. About 4-5 Post per day

MEDIUM: Above with additional posts that go deeper into certain battles, event traditions, local haunts, short recaps, etc. About 8-10 posts per day

HARD: Above plus recap of the event (probably 500+ words) that we post on NAXN.org

For each event we prefer to have 2-3 contributors actively posting during the event. This allows better coverage while during the various run/work groups. This is not an SCCA sanctioned work assignment. If you are captured we will disavow any knowledge of you.

Contact Us at : editor@naxn.org

or Message Our Facebook Page: National Autocross News