FastTrack Highlights: November 2018


The following class changes/assignments have been recommended

Vehicle(s) Prev Class Proposed Class
Lotus Evora 410 Sport New Super Street
Lotus Evora S SS A-Street
Porsche Cayman S, GTS (981 chassis) (2013-16) SS
Porsche Boxster S, GTS (981 chassis) (2013-16) SS
Porsche Cayman Base (2013-2016) AS B-Street
Porsche Boxster Base (2013-2016) AS
Lotus Evora (Non S) AS
Audi TTS Mk3 (2016-18) AS
Mazda MX-5 Miata (ND2) (2019) New C-Street
Audi S3 (2.0T) (2015-17) BS D-Street
Audi TT (AWD) (2008-17) BS
Audi TTS (2009-2015) BS
Ford Focus RS (2016-2017) BS
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (2003-2015) BS
Subaru WRX STi (2004-2017) BS
VW Golf R (2015-2017) BS
Nissan 350Z(exc Nismo) (2003-09) CS
Street Touring

Street Touring Pony (STP) will be eliminated as a class.

Street Prepared

Supercharger pulleys may now be replace to allow drive ratio changes

Street Modified

Same make engine swaps are to be allowed in Prepared with a 0.10 lbs per CC weight penalty