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Letters: Changes to Solo Nationals

You can submit a letter to the Solo Events Board here: https://www.crbscca.com/?page=submitLetter If you’ve sent a letter concerning the changes to Nationals to the SEB or somewhere else within the SCCA, send us a copy at submission@soloactuallymatters.com. To: Solo Events Board From: Thomas Thompson Letter ID Number: #28298 Title: Changes to Solo Nationals Class: EO …


The NAXN Mission Statement

  • Promote the sport of autocross on national level, free of organizational encumbrances.
  • Enable the collection of various autocross experiences, and facilitate their distribution to a larger audience.
  • Recognize the contributors and their challenging work
  • Share the workload placed on volunteering contributors to facilitate more in depth analysis and reporting of autocross events.
  • Foster an environment that encourages humorous, entertaining, and inventive writing while preserving the comraderie and sportsmanship that encompasses autocross.
  • Actively utilize new social media technology and resources