2020 Solo National Champions To Be Announced

Unnamed sources within the SCCA have provided us an advanced copy of a news release scheduled for tomorrow. The details follow:


(Topeka, Kansas – April 2, 2020)
– With the growing impact of COVID-19 around the country, and with local, state, and national agencies calling for social distancing into May, the Sports Car Club of America will be canceling all remaining 2020 events including the 2020 Tire Rack Solo National Championships. This will be a major impact on our program, but after some discussion National Championships for eligible classes will be still be awarded:

With only one National event taking placed this year, it was determined that the winner of any class with 5 or more participants at the Dixie Champ Tour will be named the 2020 National Champion in that class.

• A-Street – Charles Krampert
• B-Street – David Marcus
• C-Street – Will Teller
• D-Street – Brandon Dan
• E-Street – Mark Burt
• F-Street – Brian Meyers
• G-Street – Terry McIntyre
• H-Street – Cameron Goode
• Solo Spec Coupe – Mike Lawson
• Super Street R – Mike Casino
• Street Touring Roadster – Darrin DiSimo
• Street Touring Extreme – Chase Helm
• Street Touring Sport – Randy Hoover
• D Street Prepared – Mark Canekeratne
• E Street Prepared – Mike King
• Super Street Modified – Matthew Glagola
• Street Modified – Ben Bulthuis
• Street Modified FWD – Geoffrey Wolpert
• X Prepared – Wes Hughson
• C Prepared – Robert Lewis
• E Modified – Jason Minehart

For those classes that did not meet the participation requirement for the Dixie Champ Tour, the 2020 National Championship will be awarded to the 2nd place finisher from the 2019 Solo National Championships (provided that class awarded a championship in 2019).

• Super Street – Monty Pack
• Super Street Ladies – Iven Dudley
• A-Street Ladies – Carla Russo
• B-Street Ladies – Dina O’Donnell
• C-Street Ladies – Shari McCoy
• D-Street Ladies – Lacey Otis
• E-Street Ladies – Karen Babb
• F-Street Ladies – Roberta Wetzel
• G-Street Ladies – Chelsea Tattershall
• H-Street Ladies – Ginette Jordan
• Solo Spec Coupe Ladies – Cindy Duncan
• Super Street R Ladies – Megan DePietro
• Street Touring Ultra – John Hale
• Street Touring Ultra Ladies – MacKenzi Crowe
• Street Tour Roadster Ladies – Ally Arts
• Street Touring Xtreme Ladies – Jodi Fordahl
• Street Touring Hatch – Ken Roller
• Super Street Prepared – Matthew Braun
• A Street Prepared – Aaron Miller
• B Street Prepared – Gregory Hahn
• C Street Prepared – Neal Tovsen
• C Street Prepared Ladies – Stephanie Humphries
• E Street Prepared Ladies – Johanna Griest
• F Street Prepared – Jason West
• F Street Prepared Ladies – Annie Bonvouloir
• Super Street Modified Ladies – Deana Kelly
• Street Modified FWD Ladies – Hilary Anderson Frank
• D Prepared – Todd Roberts
• E Prepared – Evan LeBlanc
• F Prepared – Alex Jones
• A Modified – Jenny O’Maley
• B Modified – Zachary Moore
• C Modified – Ben Martinez
• D Modified – Mark Huffman
• D Modified Ladies – Lisa Garfield
• E Modified Ladies – Krista Minehart
• F Modified – Zak Kiesel
• F Modified Ladies – Andrea Albin
• Kart Modified – Daniel Wendel
• Kart Modified Ladies – Kristina Clark

Congratulations to our champions. We will be you contacting directly concerning trophy delivery and providing instructions on how to measure for your jackets while following social distancing guidelines.

Be safe out there,

Kerrie Speed
Real Person
Sports Car Club of America

National Autocross Championships by NAXN Announced


(Houston, Texas – April 1, 2019)   National Autocross News (NAXN), the premier independent news source for autocross in North America, announces the formation of the National Autocross Championship by NAXN, a multi-day double course event located at some of the most unique autocross venues in the country.

The inaugural event will take place from Aug 9-11th, 2019 at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York in the shadow of New York City.  (Future Championship locations will rotate every year to different regions of the country).    A full rule book will be release in the coming weeks, but classing will follow the familiar classing of the SCCA’s Solo program.  The winner will be determined by average finishing place for each day over the two days, with lowest total time serving as the tie breaker. Drivers will not be required to compete in the dark.

Contingency programs are still being confirmed but most major auto manufactures are on board (Hydundai, Dodge, and Alfa Romeo are just a few).  Contingency will pay out to 10 places in open classes.

After negotiating a lucrative television and digital rights broadcast contract, the event will be broadcast live on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”.  Additionally, thanks to key sponsorships from Miller Brewing Company, Peak Antifreeze, and Discount Tire, the organization will be able to hire professional workers at all positions, leaving the driver to focus on competition and comradery.

We look forward to establishing this annual event as the true World Autocross Championship over the coming years.  For more information as it becomes available visit www.naxn.org.

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